The Market this Week: 19 November

Gary Mullins reviews the key financial news of the past week and previews the week ahead.


A Report on the Condition of Student Housing in St Andrews

By Sam McGuire Member of EPRG Outreach   Researchers for the Economic Policy & Research Group (EPRG) recently published a report on affordable accommodation for students in St Andrews. The report found some startling results including that the average rent price for students in St Andrews was £542.57, for comparison London’s average student rent was…

Student Accommodation in St Andrews: An EPRG Analysis

By members of the Economic Policy & Research Group   In this report, the Economic Policy & Research Group (EPRG) investigates the nature of high costs in student accommodation in St Andrews.  An initial analysis of the current housing situation shows that rents in St Andrews are abnormally expensive for a student town; overall St Andreans…