The St Andrews Economist is the official publication of the St Andrews Economics Society. We hope to bring to you a range of articles on current affairs, academic theory, economic policies, and trends – basically everything economics so you can stay aware from inside the Bubble!

If you are interested in submitting a piece, joining our team or suggesting a story, send and email to one of our editors or standrewseconomist@gmail.com. We accept pieces from all University of St Andrews staff and students (studying economics or otherwise).


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Our Team

Ali Drabu Editor-in-Chief

Ali is a fourth-year single honours student studying International Relations from the UK, originally coming from Kashmir, India. His particular interests and areas of focus include terrorism, security, civil-military relations and Middle Eastern affairs.


Delany Higgins Editor-in-Chief

Delany is a fourth-year student pursuing a joint honours degree in Modern History and Art History. Her areas of focus include poverty, population growth, human trafficking, and the policy solutions pertaining to those issues.


Jurin Katayama Flores Editor-in-Chief

Jurin is a third-year joint honours Biology and Economics student from Japan and the Philippines. Her research interests include international development, income inequality, and climate change mitigation. Outside university, she spends her time working at a restaurant (to earn travel money), writing for different outlets, and hosting potlucks.


Beatrice To-Sho Africa Editor

Max Dowden Asia Editor

Max Dowden is a fourth year student pursuing a joint honours degree in International Relations and Modern History. His areas of focus include international trade, global investment, and emerging markets development.

Charlie Whiteley Europe Editor

Charlie is a third year student studying Economics. As a student in the St. Andrews, William & Mary Joint Degree Program, he is excited to enjoy another year at St. Andrews. He is interested in writing about the parallels between the U.S, U.K, and Europe, especially in global business, international trade, tourism, and sports business.

Luca Delpippo Middle East -North Africa Editor

Luca is a Second year student of International Relations, Arabic and Economics. His research interests include the relationship between economic development and security as well as terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs.

Alex Watt North America Editor

Alex is a fourth year student studying International Relations and Modern History. His research interests include US politics and history, North American geopolitical issues and American power projection.

Lucy Wright Economics Editor

Lucy Wright is a third year economics student. Her interests include economic history, political economy and development economics.

Sam Hall United Kingdom Editor

Sam Hall is a third year modern history student. His interests include government policy, international trade and geopolitics.

Victoria Landaeta South America Editor

Victoria is a fourth year studying economics and social anthropology. Her areas of interest include Latin American politics, social issues and economic policy in emerging economies.

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